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Car Tune Up Service

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Car Tune Up Service Miami Kendall

What exactly is a Tune Up?

“Tune Up” is a word that gets floated around a lot and there seems to be different interpretations of exactly what it consists of. Here at Specialty Car Services, a Tune Up will usually consist of replacing the Spark Plugs, Air Filter, and Fuel Filter. Some vehicles will also require Spark Plug Wires, Distributor Cap, Distributor Rotor, and PCV Valve.

The manufacturer determines the interval when a vehicle should have this service performed. When performing a Tune-Up, we highly recommend cleaning the MAF Sensor and performing the 3 Stage Fuel Injection Cleaning service.

Some Misconceptions

A Tune Up is required to keep the ignition system of your vehicle operating properly. It is a preventive maintenance service to help guard against any unexpected component failure or further degradation.

If a vehicle runs poorly or differently than normal, the customer often automatically asks for a Tune Up. Before the advent of widespread computer usage in vehicles, this may well have fixed the problem.

However, the cars of today are much more sophisticated and full of computers and sensors that can cause your car to act erratically should they develop or detect a problem. In this case a full diagnosis of the car may be neccessary rather than a simple Tune Up.