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Automotive & Engine Filters

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Automotive Engine Filters Miami Kendall

As well as the oil filter, your vehicle uses several other different types of filter to ensure optimum performance. These include:

Air Filter Miami Kendall

Air Filter

This filter helps to prevent contaminants from entering the engine. Elements such as dust and dirt which are impossible to avoid, could wreak havoc if they were allowed to enter the engine. When this filter becomes dirty, it affects fuel economy as less air mixes with fuel therefore requiring more gas to run your vehicle.

Fuel Filter Miami Kendall

Fuel Filter

Even if you stick to premium gasoline and avoid the cheap stuff, no fuel is perfectly clean. The Fuel Filter helps to ensure that contaminants don’t reach the engine and cause serious problems. In order to maintain the best possible gas mileage, your fuel filter should be changed regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.

Cabin Filter Miami Kendall

Cabin Filter

As well as helping to ensure that your air conditioning is performing at its best, the Cabin Filter also helps to protect your health by reducing the amount of unpleasant odors, dust and other particles such as pollen from entering your vehicle. In South Florida air conditioning is of course heavily used, which makes keeping this filter in the best possible shape that much more important.

Transmission Fluid Filter Miami Kendall

Transmission Fluid Filter

As the name suggests, the Transmission Fluid filter separates out debris and contaminants from the transmission fluid. Although it is not necessary to change this one as often as the other filters, Its important to change this as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure your vehicle continues to shift gears smoothly.