Specialty Car Services prides itself on being your one and only stop for all car repairs and service.

With factory OEM diagnostic equipment from BMW's to Beaters, Ferrari's to Firebirds, Range Rovers to Ford Rangers - Specialty Car Services truly does it all.


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Post collision re-coding at Specialty Car Services bmw mini cooper ecu programming in miami kendall florida

– Airbag
– Parking distance sensors





Are you sick and tired of turning away profitable jobs because some vehicles require specified tools?

Keep more profit in your shop with ECU reprogramming from Specialty Car Services. We’ve got the real computer, just like the dealer. But we’ll do the work at wholesale so you can keep your customers and your profits.

BMW, Mini Cooper & Land/Range Rover

You can’t even replace a battery in some of these vehicles without reprogramming. We can get it done, at your shop or ours – fast! And you can charge the customer full retail book price!

Keep more money in your pocket

Specialty Car Services has the equipment and experience to diagnose and reset ECU systems, correctly, the first time. So you don’t have to sent your profit, cars and customers to the dealer.

For more information, give Specialty Car Services a call or visit our Miami Car Coding sister site at www.MiamiCarCoding.com for more information.

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