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My Power Locks Won’t Work On My Mini Cooper!

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Dear Adam,

My  Mini Cooper power locks stopped working. Please help!!

This is a complaint we get at Specialty Car Services more and more. As the Mini Coopers are getting older, things are wearing out. There are three main issues with the Mini Cooper central locking system that can go bad:

– The BCU (body control unit) can short out or lose its program.
– The key can go bad.
– And/or the door lock actuators  can stop working.

We will cover the symptoms and repair methods for each below.

The Body Control Unit or BCU  is a a computer that controls the power locks, power windows, interior lighting, and power seats in all Mini Cooper models.  Lately I have seen some cars where the power lock system would “have a mind of it’s own” and just work inconsistently.

This unit can go bad in a few ways, it can get wet, it can get a power  spike if you jump-start your Mini, it can go bad if the car sits with a dead battery for a lengthy amount of time, or it can just simply stop working. Thew unit itself is around $400 from Mini and takes an hour or two to install and reprogram. This is not a repair you can do at home, as the new BCU is not plug and play. It will have to be initiated to your car using the Mini Cooper diagnostic tool. Of course Specialty Car Services in Miami, Florida has the necessary  tools and computers to diagnose and replace the Mini Cooper BCU.

Ok so you go out to your car push the button on your key and.. NOTHING? First thing you do is go get the spare key , hopefully you have and know where that is,  see if that key works. If your spare key does the trick, it meand your first key has a bad battery or has lost its programming. If the battery is bad that means you need a new key, as the Mini Cooper  key battery is recharged by the car everytime you  drive and cannot be replaced separately . A new key is easily purchased and will need to be programmed. When programming the car to accept a new key all other keys must be present . Same thing goes when your key loses its programming. E can try to reprogram the car to accept the key.

Last but not least we have the lock mechanism (or actuator) itself. This is the little motor that actually locks and unlocks each door. These can go bad over time and are not difficult to repair.

If you are having any issues with your power locks or windows on your Mini Cooper stop by or give us a call. We are happy to help and well equipped to do all repairs on your Mini Cooper at our shop in Miami, Florida.

Your comments or questions are always welcome

Adam Yunis , Shop Owner

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