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The importance of having someone who knows what they’re looking at, look at it….

I know there are plenty of places that can service your car, some are even cheaper and faster then we are.   Having the oil changed is one of those things that brings you to your mechanic a few times a year even when your car is running perfectly.This is the time when a good mechanic will check out the condition of your entire car, not just quickly swap out the old oil for fresh oil. The brakes, tires, suspension,steering system, belts, air conditioning lines and body panels should all be looked over. You hand over your keys, pick up a magazine and just assume whoever is doing the work is familiar with the procedures for your type of vehicle. The reality of it is that modern cars have very specific requirements.

              On a Land Rover for instance you need a diagnostic computer just to reset the service required light in the dash.We have that Land Rover diagnostic tool, why would you service yours somewhere that doesn’t? On a Porsche you need to drain the turbos on some models or the dirty oil will remain and mix with the fresh oil, what was the point of changing the oil? On some Ferrari models you need to add the final quarts of oil once the car has been brought up to temperture, don’t overfill the oil tank or you will end up with an Italian smokey mess. Ask me how I know about that one? Some BMWs need a specific weight of oil as they get older to prevent it blowing by the piston rings.

             These are just some of the things that a mechanic who knows what he is looking at will know about specific models, like yours. We have several techs working together who each are very familiar with BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes, and Maserati. We have another tech who does all American cars and trucks, yet another guy who does all Japanese models.

 That is the importance of having someone who knows your car service it.Please stop by or call me directly at 305-443-3305 with any comments, Thanks Adam Yunis Shop owner

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