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My Mini Cooper is Overheating!

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Mini Cooper Service Repair

Hey Adam,

“My Mini Cooper is overheating”, or my “Mini Cooper needs a radiator”. That’s a phone call I get every week. Mini Cooper cooling systems need servicing and if you don’t check them occasionally they will fail without warning. Its not usually the radiator, the most common Mini cooling problems are thermostat or cooling fan related.

Lets start with the thermostat. This piece of the Mini Cooper cooling system puzzle regulates the temperature at which the motor operates. It opens up to allow the flow of coolant from the radiation through the motor once it reaches operating temperature. The thermostat sits in a little plastic housing , and this is where the problems begin. The housing tends to warp from the underhood temperatures and the seams develop leaks. The way we find these leaks is looking for evidence of coolant on top of the transmission case , which we check during every oil service.

The cooling fans are directly behind the radiator and they help cool the water flowing through it. There are two, one for the a/c condenser and one for the radiation itself. They are powered by small electric motors which either just wear out or the relays overheat and stop working. The result of the fans failing is that the coolant gets too hot and in extreme circumstances can cause the seams in the radiator to open up . The fans come in an assembly which we change out as one piece.

The other pieces of the Mini Cooper cooling puzzle are the water pump, radiator and hoses. All of these should be checked for leaks or weak spots during every service. Lets take a minute and talk about whats actually flowing through all of these parts. The coolant or anti freeze depending upon what climate the car will be operating in. Here in Miami, Florida we use a coolant that is specific to the Mini motor. By using an improper product in the Mini Cooper enging you can actually do more damage then good. The Mini coolant is engineered to protect the seals in the cooling system and metals in the motor itself.

This is just another example of why its important to have someone who is familiar with your Mini Cooper working on it.

Our shop, Specialty Car Services are ASE Certified Mini professionals and would be happy to have a quick look at your cooling system anytime to give you peace of mind.

I invite your comments , please call me anytime at 305-443-3305

Adam Yunis
Mini Cooper Expert
Shop Owner, Specialty Car Services
12930 SW 85th Ave Rd.
Miami, FL 33156

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